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From zero to VHDL designer. Learn how to implement your VHDL design on FPGA starting from scratch

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What Will I Learn?
  • FPGA Design Learning VHDL download course offline

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download course offline
1 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
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  • FPGA Design Learning VHDL download course offline
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  • Basic of Boolean Algebra
  • Basic notion of FPGA and Electronics
  • Knowledge of Hex and Binary notation
  • Desire to Learn!
****************************** UPDATE ***********************************
2018,April-08: Added quizzes on section2, updated caption up to lesson 10**************************************************************************
How many times do you waste your time in finding some examples useful to resolve your VHDL problems and didn't get anything useful?
YES, it is true that we can find a lot of information for free, but not all the information we get is a good stuff. Many times we need a huge amount of time to filter good stuff from a useless material. Even if we get the information for free, we often don't think about to the time we are wasting and to the "equivalent money" we are losing wasting this time.In Surf-VHDL, we have more than 18 years in FPGA/ASIC VHDL design.In this course, you will learn the basic rules to implement and efficient hardware design and how to apply these rules using VHDL.Here what you will learn at the end of the course:
  • Entity / Architecture pair definition
  • Concurrency
  • VHDL Coding Style: Structural, Behavioral, Sequential
  • Event and Transaction
  • Delay Modeling: Inertial vs Transport delay
  • Concurrent Conditional Signal Assignment
  • Understanding Driver & Source concept
  • Parametric Design: Generics
  • VHDL Types and Data object
  • VHDL Types of Data Object: Signal, Variable, Constant and FILE
  • Type bit vs ulogic vs std_logic
  • Signed and Unsigned Data Types
  • Type Conversion and Type Casting
  • Subtype definition
  • Process Statement
  • Sequential Conditional Statement: IF and CASE
  • Sequential-Iterative Statement: FOR and WHILE
  • The Assert Statement
  • Sequential WAIT Statement
  • Sensitivity List vs WAIT Statement
  • Procedure and Function
  • Packages
  • Concurrent iterative Statement FOR GENERATE
  • Concurrent conditional Statement IF GENERATE
  • TextIO package: Read/Write from file
  • Test bench design and simulation
The most important section is the LAB section. This is the real values of this course.
In the LAB section you will learn how to implement
  • Heart-bit design: let's start with a blinking led
  • Seven segment display: write a VHDL code and drive a seven segment display
  • UART: learn how to implement a UART 16650 compatible with internal FIFO
  • Command Parser: VHDL design that contains the LABs above. Connect your board to a PC and start communicate with it.
All the LABs are provided with the VHDL code that you have to complete and simulate.In the LAB videos there will be addressed the exercise solution: you will learn how to implement the lab VHDL code, simulate and layout on FPGAEnjoy the course and start becoming a VHDL designer! 
P.S.The course does not participate to the Udemy promo. Check on our website just clicking on the "World" icon below to be updated on our offers.

Who this course is for:
  • If you are a Student and need a complete step by step introduction in VHDL
  • If you like Digital Design and you are looking for a complete guide to start with VHDL
  • If you need to improve your competence in FPGA Design
  • If you want to learn how to Debug and Simulate a VHDL Design
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