download Links The Complete STAAD.Pro Course For Structural Engineers-Part1


download Links The Complete STAAD.Pro Course For Structural Engineers-Part1

What you'll learn
  • Linear Static and Dynamic Analysis of RCC Structures
  • Design and Detaiiling of RCC Beams, Columns , Slabs and Foundations as per IS456, IS13920
  • Composite deck and Paarmetric Modelling
  • Snow Load Determination as per ASCE 07
  • Determination of Rayleigh Frequency and Modal Frequency of a Structure
  • Wind Loads Guidelines as per ASCE07 and ATC Hazards
  • Auto Wind Load Generation on RCC Structure as per ASCE 07
  • FEM Analysis and Design of Pad Eyes for Lifting Arrangement
  • System with STAAD Pro Installed
  • Basic Knowledge of Civil and Structural Engineering

1. Basic Introduction to the STAAD Pro Software

Before we go Professional , this lecture series is intended to teach you about the very basics and advanced basics functions of the STAAD Pro software. You will start with learning modelling , Introduction to the Graphical user Interface , Repeat Commands , Beams, Plates , Solids etc.

Editor file is thoroughly explained with a small example of how it can be utilized to save time. The things taught is this lecture series shall serve as a kick start for the person who does not know anything about the STAAD Pro , but this shall also serve as a refreshment series for those who already know.

At the end of this lecture series , you shall learn how to Calculate the Snow Loads and assign its definitions in software. Wind Load is very difficult to understand in the beginning , but Author explains everything in bit sizes about its Auto generation in software. Special focus is given to explain about the Frequency determination i.e. Rayleigh Frequency and Modal frequency. This is the best series for those who are absolutely new to this software.

2. Linear Dynamic Analysis of School building as per IS 456, IS 875, IS 1893 and Detailing as per IS 13920

This is the only exclusive course on the web that is taking the practical case study of a building starting from Reading the Architectural Drawings and going all the way to Detailing in AutoCAD.

You shall start with learning how to read the Architectural Drawing of a School building and plan the location of RCC Columns. Next you shall learn how you can prepare the Analytical Model in STAAD. Wind and Seismic Load Definitions and Calculations are taught in great detail to help you understand how you can design wind and seismic resistant design structures. Response Spectrum Analysis is done for this model. Design and Detailing is done for this structure as per IS 456 and IS 13920:2016.

3. FEM Analysis and Design of Pad Eyes

STAAD Pro is an excellent FEM Analysis software , but user needs to understand how to do it correctly. You shall learn what are the practical aspects of Pad eyes , how they are used . You shall learn how you can prepare the FEM Model and read the stresses for designing after applying Loading on it.

Who this course is for:
  • Civil Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Architects
  • Students

What will you learn



  • 3 Lessons
  • 00:00:00 Hours
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