download Links The Complete Guide To Multifamily Real Estate Investing


download Links The Complete Guide To Multifamily Real Estate Investing

What you'll learn
  • Confidently analyze multifamily real estate investment opportunities using professional real estate financial modeling analysis techniques and metrics
  • Have a multi-tab multifamily acquisition model for analyzing new multifamily real estate investments
  • Access to Microsoft Excel software for PC or Mac or Google Sheets is recommended

Interested in multifamily real estate investing? Whether you're looking to build another cash flow stream into your portfolio or want to break into the real estate private equity industry in your career, this course will teach you the key professional analysis techniques to go into your next deal or job interview with the skill-set of the best multifamily real estate investors in the world. After taking this course, you'll be able to:

  • Confidently analyze a multifamily deal using institutional-quality analysis techniques to come up with a crystal clear valuation of a potential multifamily acquisition.

  • Invest passively in multifamily deals with the ability to confidently analyze deals and choose the winners over the losers.

  • Land a lucrative career opportunity in multifamily real estate investment finance, making great money while investing in deals and building your multifamily investment portfolio on the side or with your current company.

Multifamily real estate investing can significantly build your wealth and passive cash flow, but you have to be able to know how to buy the right deals at the right prices. This course was designed to start you with the basics of real estate finance and move all the way through the most advanced multifamily analysis techniques used by the world's most experienced real estate investors. Ultimately, this course will teach you how to make well-educated, smart investment decisions so you can maximize your wealth-building with the minimum amount of risk involved. 

Here's what some of our students have had to say:

★★★★★"Justin is a versed instructor of real estate who implements contextualization (ex: Excel spreadsheets) to drive his points home in the most concise and precise manner. His lessons are all relevant to today's real estate market and are interesting as well. He took a difficult and dry subject such as investment metrics and brought it to life making it something very easy to comprehend. I highly recommend him."

★★★★★"Justin explains everything very clearly and is very knowledgeable in the topics. I love how he has exercises for the students to complete. Very organized and exactly what I was looking for! Highly recommend"

★★★★★"This course is absolutely stellar! Justin really knows how to break complex ideas and get to the core of what matters when investing in multifamily real estate. I have minimal background in finance, but I found this course to be accessible, easy to follow and well-structured. Thank you, Justin!"

★★★★★"This is the best real estate investing course I've taken on Udemy. I am an experienced real estate developer and investor, and I found this course spot on!"

★★★★"I have been an avid passive investor in multifamily syndications for a few years now. This course not only sharpened my perspective as a limited partner, but also provided me an understanding of a deal from both a sponsor and lender's point of view. Justin's comprehensive course material and ability to communicate 'technical' information to a potentially non-technical audience is proof of his expertise in the MF area. I look forward to any future courses that he may teach."

Enroll today and get started on your multifamily investing journey. Looking forward to having you in the course!

Who this course is for:
  • Aspiring multifamily real estate investors looking to buy their first deal
  • Single-family home investors who want to go bigger with their real estate investments and buy a multi-unit property
  • College or graduate students or career switchers looking to break into private equity real estate and multifamily real estate investing

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