download Links Robot Framework - Jenkins CI & Git Version Control


download Links Robot Framework - Jenkins CI & Git Version Control

What you'll learn
  • More effectively collaborate with team members on new test automation features using Git version control
  • Create separate versions of your test automation scripts for dev, qa, and stage environments
  • Never be in fear of losing your test automation scripting work
  • Integrate Robot Framework tests into a Jenkins CI pipeline so your tests run automatically with each build, or at intervals you specify
  • More easily trigger Robot Framework tests and track execution trends using Jenkins

  • Requirements
    • Have access to a Windows, Linux, or Mac computer & Internet
    • Have a basic understanding of the Robot Framework platform
    • Have a basic understanding of Robot Framework scripting

    In this course I'll teach you how to integrate several key tools that any good test automation resource should know. We'll discuss several concepts that will take your skills and salary to the next level:

    • Collaboration using Git version control
    • Integrating Robot Framework with Jenkins CI
    • A complete end to end example
    • More!

    By the end of the course, you should feel confident to pursue a role with any company who needs to introduce continuous integration and test automation into their software development lifecycle.

    Who this course is for:
    • Manual QA professionals who need to automate their regression testing
    • Manual QA professionals who want to learn best practice collaborative scripting processes
    • Developers who need to automate their smoke testing
    • Test automators who want to integrate automation into the build & deployment cycle

What will you learn



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