download Links Reviewing Financial Models


download Links Reviewing Financial Models

What you'll learn
  • Understand the types of errors that can occur in financial models
  • Obtain a toolkit of review techniques that can be applied to a range of financial models
  • Understand which techniques are more effective for uncovering the different types of errors
  • Learn how to reduce modelling risk
  • Be more confident when working with financial models in future
  • In order to participate in this course, some prior financial modelling experience and familiarity with financial statements is expected

This is a financial model review course covering the modules listed below.  It is designed to help participants review models from both a detailed formulae perspective and also by standing back and ‘looking at the big picture’, in order to critically analyse key results.  By implementing the techniques covered, participants should have greater confidence that their models are working as intended.

The course is designed such that:

  • You can work at your own pace and start and stop whenever you need;
  • It takes about half a day to complete and hence can easily fit around your existing schedule;
  • You will take away a comprehensive toolkit of techniques that can be applied to models reviewed in future;
  • The techniques are simple and straightforward to implement, yet their impact can be significant; and
  • You can contact the instructor anytime via email should you need additional support when completing the course.


What is included

  • A short video for each module listed below, covering the key concepts and supported by demonstrations in Excel;
  • A detailed slide pack describing the review techniques; and
  • An Excel file containing a practice review exercise, together with the full solution.

Course modules and objectives covered

The course consists of the following modules to be completed in this order:

Module 1: The occurrence of errors

  • Understand the types of errors that can occur in financial models
  • Gain an overview of the techniques available to uncover these errors

Module 2: Using spreadsheet review software

  • Understand what model review software can do
  • Learn which software features can help with different parts of the review process

Module 3: Using Excel’s built in features

  • See which of Excel’s features can be used for reviewing financial models
  • Put some of the features into practice

Module 4: Creating delta views

  • Understand what is meant by a “delta view”
  • View a demonstration of a delta view being set up

Module 5: Checking the financial statements

  • Understand the types of checks that can be performed on a set of financial statements
  • See some examples of these checks

Module 6: Performing analytical reviews

  • Understand what is meant by an “analytical review”
  • Explore the different techniques that may be used as part of the analytical review process

Module 7: Other model review tips

  • Obtain some additional model review tips!

Module 8: Model review case study

  • Consolidate the key lessons learned from the previous modules and perform a review on a sample model
Who this course is for:
  • The course is applicable to anyone that works with financial models and needs to obtain greater confidence that the models are working as intended

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