download Links Learn Financial Modeling from Scratch - Part 2


download Links Learn Financial Modeling from Scratch - Part 2

What you'll learn
  • By the end of this three part program, you will be able build a financial model from a blank Excel worksheet.
  • This includes analysing historical financial statements, noting important trends, preparing specialised calculation schedules, forecasting the financial statements.
  • The course also seeks to enhance your skills and speed in working with MS Excel.
  • Basic knowledge of MS Excel
  • Basic knowledge of Finance

About the Course:

Financial Modeling requires great skills in Practical
Finance, MS-Excel and Business / Industry analysis. This course is
one-step-solution which precisely covers all these areas and trains you
to build spreadsheet based projections from a blank worksheet.

So, if you are an entrepreneur preparing a business plan
for your potential investors or just a graduate dreaming to work as an
analyst at an Investment Bank, this is the program for you!

This entire Curriculum is divided into 3 different Courses 

You are viewing Learn Financial Modeling from Scratch - Part 2

Training Materials:

Learning materials include

  1. Financial Modeling Case Study,
  2. Value-added Session Videos,
  3. Financial Model versions at each section-end,
  4. In-video prompters on Best Practices,
  5. Quick tips on Finance and MS Excel,
  6. Guide on Keyboard Short-cuts for better efficiency,
  7. Handbook on Basics of Excel and Basics of Finance (Coming Soon!)

Course Facilitator (Faculty):

The course is facilitated by Ashutosh Zawar, who is a
rank-holder Chartered Accountant and a Bachelor of Commerce from
University of Pune, India. He is a Co-Founder & Lead Trainer @
Academy of Financial Training. He has over 9 years of experience across
Investment Banking, Project Finance, Consulting and Training.

Ashutosh has over 1,000 hours of professional training experience.
He looks after the e-learning, multimedia content management at Academy
of Financial Training (AFT). He has been instrumental in launching
AFT's new training programs and innovating curriculum across topics such
as Advanced Financial Modeling, Excel, Banking, Corporate Finance.

Before co-founding AFT, he worked with the Project Finance
team at IDFC, a leading financial services company in the Infrastructure
domain and the Investment Banking team at Morgan Stanley. he has worked
on sectors such as healthcare, education, tourism, telecom and energy.
His work profile included operational and financial modeling, business
appraisal, valuation analysis, drafting of terms and commercial


The entire 3 part course takes about 8-10 hours of video-based
learning and 20-30 hours of simultaneous self-practice on MS Excel.

Structure of the Course:

  1. The course guides candidates to start with a blank Excel spreadsheet and goes on to build full-fledged forecasts of Financial statements i.e. Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash flow Statement
  2. A real-life case-study of a manufacturing company has been considered for this program
  3. It also includes important calculation schedules like Capital Expenditure, Depreciation, Working Capital, Loan or Debt, Interest, Income Tax, Cash balancing mechanism.

Why take this Course?

  1. Hundreds of classroom editions of the program already executed and ongoing for leading banks, manufacturing companies and b-schools.
  2. Course content designed, recorded and edited by professionals with rich work experience in Investment Banking, Equity Research, Project Finance and Business Consulting domains at world-class banks.
  3. Focus on simplicity, accuracy and efficiency (Building quickly)
  4. Best practices and common errors to avoid in Financial Modeling covered
  5. Live support from expert trainers during and after the programs

Who this course is for:
  • Analysts in Investment Banking, Equity research, Institutional Equities, Private Equity
  • Professionals aspiring to be analysts in Investment Banking, Equity Research, Private Equity
  • Corporate Finance executives
  • Entrepreneurs and Businessmen
  • Business Analysts

What will you learn



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