download Links How to Create a [Passive] Income with Domain Name Investing


download Links How to Create a [Passive] Income with Domain Name Investing

What you'll learn
  • Know how domain investing works
  • Find domains with high potential value
  • Purchase great domains for a few dollars
  • Sell domains for a good profit
  • Build a portfolio of high value domains
  • Know what makes a domain attractive to buyers
  • Use the best free tools and resources
  • Know when to sell a domain and how to price it
  • Boost the value of a domain
  • Be familiar with navigating the Internet

This course teaches you the smart way to buy domains and sell later for a profit (last course update July 2019).

Domain name investing is a simple business, takes up very little time, and can be started without any special skills or experience.

Learn how build a portfolio of domains and create a passive income, or create a 'nest egg' for the future.

Discover how to find domains for a few dollars. Domains that not only have value, but that people will actually want to buy later at a much higher price. The profit potential on domains is incredible if you know how to find the right ones.

What this course is not:

It's not about getting rich quick - there's good money to be made, but it's not 'overnight riches'.
It's doesn't teach you a method that looks easy, but in practice is almost impossible
It's not about trying to bid for domains in actions.
It's not a method that requires hours and hours of time.

What this course is:

A complete and detailed tutorial on generating a passive income through domain investing
A solid and reliable method of building a portfolio of high value domain names
A simple method that's easy to put into practice

You will also learn how to find the 'diamonds' - domains that can sell for several thousand, even tens of thousands of dollars.

After completing the video lessons in the course, you will be ready to register your first domain name and start building your investment right away, today!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to build a portfolio of valuable domain names
  • Anyone who wants to create a passive income stream

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