download Links Build a Trading Comps Valuation Model


download Links Build a Trading Comps Valuation Model

What you'll learn
  • At course completion, you will have developed a comprehensive "Wall Street quality" Trading Comps model from scratch.
  • Wall Street Prep's Financial Statement Modeling Course, an introductory knowledge of accounting and corporate finance, as well as proficiency in Excel.

"Comps" analysis is the most widely used valuation methodology and an essential piece of the core valuation skill set of investment bankers and finance professionals. In this course, you will learn how to select and "scrub" comparables, pick the right multiples, and build complete comps models in Excel from scratch, using a real case study the exact way it's done ay financial institutions.

Lessons include:

  • Learn to select appropriate comparable companies by evaluating operational, financial, size, and other similarities
  • Set evaluation benchmarks & select comparable companies
  • Gather appropriate financial history and projections
  • Normalizing operating results and calculating LTM operating results to reflect nonrecurring charges and stock option expenses
  • Standardize various expense classifications including FIFO to LIFO inventory accounting
  • Calculate shares outstanding using the treasury stock method
  • Input financial data & calculate and interpret financial and market ratios
  • Presenting trading comps by structuring output schedule
  • Selecting key valuation multiples using the VLOOKUP function and generating multiple tables
Who this course is for:
  • Investment banking professionals
  • Students seeking a lucrative finance career

What will you learn



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