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The Publicity Masterclass


Become the Most Recognized Authority and Stand Out Above the Constant Noise of your Competition!

What is The Publicity Masterclass?



This is our most extensive training on the market. We will teach you the exact same strategies we use to get 20 interviews a month for 10 different clients on a recurring basis. This training works for ANY type of Entrepreneur… whether you’re service based, physical products, digital products, brick and mortar, authors, speakers… it doesn’t matter. These methods work for everyone!

This training follows our PROVEN proprietary process called the “Visibility To Growth Formula”. Not only will you learn how to get in front of MILLIONS of people, but also how to leverage that visibility to MASSIVELY scale your business just as we’ve done for our clients.



How to share the right message with your audience and the media to attract massive engagement, sales and fan base



How to get in front of the right audience on the media outlets that create the highest level of credibility and authoritywith your specific audience.



How to get the media to feature you and title you as the “top leading expert” in your industry to instantly boost your credibility.



How to leverage the media exposure you get and attract the audience to engage with you WHILE reading about you in the top outlets they trust.



The Content

How & What You’ll Learn


In this Masterclass I will teach you how to get featured on any media outlets you’ve ever dreamed of.

Whether it be:

  • National/International Television
  • Online Publications
  • Podcasts
  • Local News
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers & many others

Each module will teach you different techniques, as each media outlet takes a different type of technique. You will literally learn everything about publicity you could possibly want to know. Take the parts of the course that match your specific business, or learn it all. It’s all up to you. Finish on your own time!

In this training there are lessons taught by:

  • White Board
  • Screen share
  • PDF’s
  • Audio

We’ve got all methods so you can choose which method matches your learning techniques best!

What will you learn



  • 1 Lessons
  • 00:00:00 Hours
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