download How to Produce Prediction Map in GIS With ArcGIS and Excel?


What you'll learn
  • UPDATES March 2019: Course full data was uploaded with Section 2.
  • You’ll have my continuous support, taking your hand step-by-step to develop your first high quality map using real data
  • Writing a journal article, MOST WELCOME, I am available to help you to produce a scientific article qualified for peer review acceptance
  • I will be with you to interpret the results, we will discuss about the technical issues as well as how to make your results meaningful
  • Free access to all my previous publications techniques and methods: Search for "Omar Althuwaynee on Researchgate"
  • UPDATES March 2019: Course full data was uploaded with Section 2.
  • No prior statistical modelling background needed
  • Interest in developing a valid susceptibility map for geosciences applications using real life Data
  • Prior Familiarity With the Geographic information systems
  • Basic experience in ArcGIS software from Esri and Microsoft Excel
  • This Course Will be Demonstrated on a Windows OS

Since the late 1980s, the widely popular and efficient geographic information system (GIS) has facilitated the development of new machine learning, data-driven, and empirical methods that reduce generalization errors. 

In the this course, i have shared a famous and solid bivariate technique (Frequency ratio), to help you start your first prediction map using ArcMap and Excel only.

UPDATES March 2019: Course full data was uploaded with Section 2.

I will explain the spatial correlation between; prediction factors, and the dependent factor. Also, how to find the autocorrelations between; the prediction factors, by considering their prediction importance or contribution. Finally, I will Produce susceptibility map using; Microsoft Excel and ESRI ArcGIS only. Model prediction validation will be measured by most common statistical method of Area under the curve (AUC).

Who this course is for:
  • Students and researchers of environmental engineering sciences, Ecology, and Other Natural Sciences
  • Any discipline who wanted to start easily using GIS in producing susceptibility mapping purposes and hazard assessment
  • Beginner in geographical information system software's, looking for quick self development

What will you learn



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