download EN.2.UAV Drones: Precision Agriculture


What you'll learn
  • Process ndvi maps
  • Study plants health
  • Build their own ndvi UAV solution
  • Need a UAV drone with multispectral camera
  • Need how to fly a UAV drone

This course will help you reduce time and money for analyzing your crop health.

You will learn about hardware and software intgration and posibilities, ndvi theory, UAV rtf in market, software processing, software flight planning.

This course includes charts, stats, graphics, videos, examples and screen casts of software for processing your data sets.

You can take your time and complete this course in a weekend.

You should get this course if your are planning to adopt this technology to your business model.

Who this course is for:
  • Should take this course Farmers
  • UAV companies
  • UAV enthusiasts
  • Engineers

What will you learn



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