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coronary angiography

Angiography report interpretation


Basic cardiology


Welcome to Heartbeastz academy course which has been made by experienced researcher and clinician with global reputation and European board certification. He was trained at at the top 50 clinical global university and also at Harvard Medical school for advance medical education.

The course is meant for doctors, technicians, researchers or even patients and all knowledge enthusiasts who like to know more about the functioning and the details about Indications, programming, trouble shooting etc. Some video focus on tips and tricks and do it yourself (DIY) like videos to make it really efficient and user friendly.  The videos contain practical examples with images and easy to understand format.

After enrolment, you will be eligible for free question and answer session with your tutor and a certificate copy.  At the end of program, you may opt for a MCQ test on the basis of which, you will be given a certificate which may be helpful for your future professional life. We wish you a happy learning.

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