download Assembling an Animated Moho Production


What you'll learn
  • How to assemble a complete Moho Pro 13 Sequence Using Rigs, Props, 3D Sets and Audio
  • A copy of Moho Pro 13 is required to open exercise files
  • Understanding of the Moho interface (timeline, keyframes, sequencer Actions, layers) is recommended before diving in
  • Rigs will be animated and modified so be sure to have a solid understanding of how rigs work in Moho Pro 13.
  • Course materials also includes bonus Premiere and Audition project files but are not required to follow along

Moho Pro is a powerful piece of software which allows for character creation and animation, scene building, audio implementation, and much more. It can be tricky to know how to assemble a full sequence given all the options. This course aims to teach how to animate and edit a one minute Moho scene using rigs, sets and props to deliver not only a fun animation, but a solid learning experience you can build upon.

This course acts as the final step to all my Moho courses. In the past I taught how to design and animate characters as well as build scenes and create pre-made actions. This course takes all of that to create a final product for work, personal or entertainment purposes.

More specifically this course covers:

  • Animating 3D ships to create a fun space battle

  • Lip syncing and body language for multiple characters

  • Working within full 3D sets to build depth and atmosphere

  • Correcting timing and other animation anomalies that can pop up

  • Creating vector particle effects such as lightning, smoke and dust

  • Creating a teleportation effect using Moho 13's new bitmap tools

  • Using layer references to correct animations and create eye catching effects

  • Working with pre-made PNG particle effects to compliment action

  • Editing multiple Moho scenes together with the Sequencer

  • Editing multiple Moho video scenes in Premiere

  • Exporting the final sequence for distribution

Who this course is for:
  • Aspiring animators looking to put together a cohesive sequence in Moho by combining rigs, sets, actions, voices and more.

What will you learn



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