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~ Kundalini Tantra Yoga – Raise Awareness & Heal Aura


Kundalini Tantra Yoga – Raise Awareness & Heal Aura
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Kundalini Tantra Yoga – Raise Awareness & Heal Aura


  • You will need standard equipment to study in online course
  • To do exercises, you will need some convenient space in the living room/gym
  • You could also work out these movements somewhere in nature


This course is for those who are eager to achieve genuine states of euphoria through dancing.

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This course uses the seven chakra system to activate your Kundalini Spirit. It rises kundalini through 7 major power centers to clean through any stops you might have, that is detaining you backward in your life.

The uniqueness of Yoga exercises dwells in a sequence of active tension and deep relief. Nothing special happens, but if you do it, even a highly trained person engaged in fitness shortly senses the difference and pleasant health load. The fact is that there are abundant deep muscles of the body, which do not work during ordinary training.

The result is that you will sense some substantial flexibility in the way you understand, perceive and respond. Once Kundalini’s energy gets freed, and progresses through you, it overthrows worries that we often adhere to.

Besides physical work, during training there is even more job – mental. It is mandatory to monitor the work of the entire body, maintain balance and symmetry, and move your attention from one part of the body to another while performing kundalini dance.

Yes, colleagues: it is time to rock out the demons of dread, distrust, turbulence, and move away from stuck energies that prevail in humankind such as nervousness, depression, stress, dissatisfaction, lethargy, laziness, etc.

The desire to improve health is the primary reason people turn to yoga. And in the early stages, you don’t have to study Indian philosophy to get the effect of exercises. The methodical practice of kundalini vinyasas serves to improve mental health.

I have had no less than 14 years of practice in Yoga and Kundalini dance training since 2007, which means that you have reliable support.

We will stimulate and restore chakras using the self-healing potential of the Air with the Source inside your Kundalini Spirit.

The system uses media such as dance sequences, pranic breaths, and accompanying visualizations.

The exercises discussed in this course are reasonable and could be done on their own. Note: If you have any health issues, please, consult with your doctor.

Are you fit for the next stage of your life, independent from the worries and negativism of history?

If yes, this course is the right choice for you…

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Who this course is for:

  • Almost everybody can enjoy this course.
  • If you wish to calm your mind, sharpen your spirit, you will see such opportunities in this course.
  • Anyone who is concerned in clearing their soul and body with joyful dance
  • Anyone who wishes to stimulate and adjust chakras with kundalini dance
  • Anyone who is interested in self healing
  • This course is for you if you choose to master the skills to real happiness

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Kundalini Tantra Yoga – Raise Awareness & Heal Aura

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Kundalini Tantra Yoga – Raise Awareness & Heal Aura
FREE 84.99
~ Kundalini Tantra Yoga – Raise Awareness & Heal Aura

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