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~ Delicious Japanese language for foodies (JLPT n5/JLPT n4)


Delicious Japanese language for foodies (JLPT n5/JLPT n4)
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Delicious Japanese language for foodies (JLPT n5/JLPT n4)


  • Can read Katakana and Hiragana.
  • Have minimal grammar knowledge such as です・ます.
  • Interested in Japanese food.
  • Willingness to implement the teachings right away.


Hi, I am the instructor of Delicious Japanese language for foodies ((JLPT n5/JLPT n4), which is a Japanese language course where you learn the  phrases regarding Japanese food like ordering, hosting a home party and cook with a Japanese recipe! Suitable for JLPT n5 and JLPT n4 level.

  • Tired of grammar? Losing motivation in Japanese? Just want the practical phrases to use RIGHT AWAY? This is YOUR course!
  • Proudly memorized the Kanas (Hiragana, katakana, Kanji…just started!)
  • An attitude to have fun and a willingness to learn…
  • Love Japanese food and want to have an authentic dining experience in Japanese in EVERY ASPECT!
  • Grab a laptop, a notepad, a pen, a comfy seat and a snack…



Do you struggle with the grammatical structure and feel NOT motivated with your study?

Do you waste hours — sometimes days — trying to memorize all the details of the language, and wonder why you still have trouble coming up with phrases and sentences?


You open the textbook but the words and sentences don’t register.

When they do, they are somehow too random, it is hard to recall what you learned a few weeks ago.

Worse, you feel drained, irritated because your daily life is hectic enough!

Even though you are trying to stay focused on the study,

…purchased several books on Japanese grammar and vocab,

…watched a few videos to get familiar with the sounds,

…may have taken courses at schools or online…Zzzz

There’s still one issue.

When you want to speak, the words don’t come out.

The time you’ve spent somehow does not result in the CONFIDENCE you desire, the KNOWLEDGE you can use right away AND a sense of achievement you DESERVE.

If that sounds about right, then keep reading…

Imagine having a set of vocab and phrases ALL ABOUT FOOD that satisfies your hunger from DAY 1! Specific and in-depth!

Taught by a once-struggling Japanese learner who now publishes books in JAPANESE!

– Fun and interactive quiz at each section so you can enhance what you learned right away…

– Delicious and useful Japanese phrases that you can use in your neighborhood…

– Detailed explanations that allow you to memorize the phrases and by-pass the grammar…

– Proven language study hacks on how to see the big picture behind a language–In fact, this is what my books are about and what I teach in JAPANESE to my students in JAPAN…

– Information from JAPAN fresh and precise that gives you a glimpse into the food industry in JAPAN…

– Downloadable phrase and vocab PDFs that you can easily store in your phone…

– Actionable assignments that motivate you to put the learning into practice right away!

– Warning!!! Taking this course may result in attracting a great Japanese friend if you follow the instructions! Or, it WILL strengthen the ties between you and your Japanese friends already!

If you want to have fun with a practical language structure — quickly and effortlessly– sign up to Delicious Japanese, today!

UPGRADE your passion for food and love in Japanese — in just 2 hours.

Learn how to put your knowledge into use RIGHT AWAY has the potential to change everything for you.

It has certainly changed mine.

All the jobs and businesses I built are based on the JAPANESE language.

I work with Japanese clients confidently and they trust me because of my mastery over the language. I can write books in Japanese, teach business in Japanese, read newspapers and listen to university-level Japanese lectures and understand it.

The advantage of English speakers is that we are action-takers.

We do what we set our minds to.

This is a trait that Japanese society admires and it strengthens your image when you come to live in Japan. Knowing the knowledge, you open up your door to miracles.


Who this course is for:

  • Beginner students who are at the level of N5 and/or above.
  • Students who are actively seeking more real-life based learning contents.
  • Students who want to make Japanese friends or already have Japanese friends.
  • Students who intend to use this course as a supplementary material to their proper language study (This course does not focus on grammar).
  • Students who want to come to Japan in the near future.

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Delicious Japanese language for foodies (JLPT n5/JLPT n4)

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Delicious Japanese language for foodies (JLPT n5/JLPT n4)
FREE 89.99
~ Delicious Japanese language for foodies (JLPT n5/JLPT n4)

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